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About Us

InkFlip was conceived as founder, Andy Sperry, was attempting to print a business presentation late one evening for an important meeting the next morning. At that moment, the dreaded "inkmergency™ " reared its ugly head. Perfect printing gave way to faded text, then random streaks and blotches, and then... nothing.

Way too early the next morning, Andy went to his local office supply store vowing to never run out of ink again, (kind of like the time he vowed to never run out of gas again, but that's another story). To execute his "Never-Run-Dry plan", he put not just one, but TWO new printer cartridges in his shopping basket, then walked triumphantly to the checkout counter thinking, "Now I've got a FULL and a SPARE cartridge! Ha! Ha! Ha!" The laughter turned to sorrow when the clerk said, "That'll be $97.36, sir." "Surely you jest?" he thought. "It costs that much for two little pieces of black plastic with liquid inside?!"

Needless to say, the "spare" went back on the shelf and the hero of our story continued to fly without a safety net. It was during the walk to the parking lot that the Lightning Bolt of Ingenuity™ struck. "Ah ha!" a nearby motorist heard him exclaim, "What if I could buy ink cartridges like I rent movies online? What if I could order high quality, inexpensive cartridges that were shipped to my door? And what if when I put the new cartridge in my printer I could just stick the empty cartridge in a pre-addressed, postage-paid box and send it back to its maker? And what if its maker did something great for the earth by recycling the cartridge and something great for me by refilling it, billing my credit card already on file, emailing me a receipt, and shipping a full cartridge back to me in a few days? And what if next time I ran out of ink in the middle of the night (that's when it always happens you know) I could just open that box, stick the full cartridge in my printer with a smile on my face stick the empty back in the box and start the whole thing over? Oh, and what if along with all of this service and convenience I could SAVE UP TO 70% on cartridges I'm going to buy anyway?

Well, Andy searched the Internet high and low for such a service and since such an animal was not to be found, one was created. He named his creature InkFlip.

InkFlip was founded on three principles near and dear to our founder's heart; namely: BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER.

BETTER means better quality and better service than you'll find anywhere else.

FASTER means that we'll bust our humps to meet and/or exceed all timelines related to your needs.

CHEAPER means that you will simply not be able to find products of our quality at our prices with our service elsewhere.

We can promise you this because we've been where you are - running out of ink at the wrong time, getting taken to the cleaners when buying new cartridges, and then doing it all over again. We are not only sympathetic to your needs, but we are PASSIONATE about taking buying ink cartridges off of your "things that really burn my booty" list.

Best Regards,
The InkFlip Team